Visit Goddess of Protector at National Park Bokor, traveling to Kampot Province in Cambodia


Lok Yeay Mao (Granda Mao) – is an ancient mythical heroine, which history is unclear, but we say with confidence she was a brave woman! Some legends say she fought with Siamese. From another story we know, she was betrayed by her husband and she fought against the tiger.
However, all legends have a consensus that her spirit is back, and now she protects people. She is The Goddess of protector, who helps travelers on their way.
There are several monuments of Lok Yeay Mao scattered in the south of Cambodia. The biggest and marvelous one is located on the top of Bokor Mountain in Kampot province.

Phum Ben Festival is a great time to visit this landmark, to see a gorgeous celebration of this 15-day religious festival, which takes place in Cambodia every spring.

You can book a guided tour to go there or just hire a private driver and discover this and many other landmarks of this stunning Cambodian national park.

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